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JOB DESCRIPTION                                                      


Position Title:             Logistics Manager

Employee Level:        Managerial                                                    

Report to:                   Project Manager


Job Overview


The Logistics Manager is responsible for the overall supply chain management. Responsibilities include organizing and monitoring storage and distribution of goods. The goal of the role is to manage the entire order cycle so as to enhance business development and ensure sustainability and customer satisfaction. The Logistics Manager shall closely work with the Construction Manager and the Safety Manager.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Strategically plan and manage logistics, warehouse, transportation and customer services.

  2. Direct, optimize and coordinate full order cycle.

  3. Liaise and negotiate with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

  4. Keep track of quality, quantity, stock levels, delivery times, transport costs and efficiency.

  5. Arrange warehouse, catalog goods, plan routes and process shipments.

  6. Resolve any arising problems or complaints.

  7. Supervise, coach and train procurement, warehouse workforce and PROs for gate passes and governmental  requirements.

  8. Meet cost, productivity, accuracy and timeliness targets.

  9. Maintain metrics and analyze data to assess performance and implement improvements.

  10. Comply with laws, regulations and ISO requirements.

  11. Developing operating strategies, plans or procedures.

  12. Maintaining safety in the workplace pertaining his scope.


  • Minimum 10 years of experience as Logistics Manager/ Coordinator in a contracting environment.

  • Well versed with Microsoft Office tools.

  • Fluent in Arabic Language

Core Skills

  • Contract Management

  • Business Planning

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Process Improvement

  • Procurement

  • Negotiation

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